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We take a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities.

By far, one of the most exciting and challenging projects that a graphic designer will take on is custom logo design and brand development. The nature of custom logo design is such a fundamentally important undertaking, as it will serve as the cornerstone or foundation of a business or product. A logo or brand is often a very personal piece of marketing material for a business owner. A logo design must use creativity and intuition, paired with years of experience, to figure out the best way to tap into the business owners’ vision to create a custom logo design that is not only professional, but also long lasting. Through an exploratory process a good graphic designer will narrow down initial logo concepts to a final logo design, or identity, through a process of great teamwork and deliberation between a logo designer and client.

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Our philosophy is, that the vision and idea of a brand starts with the founders, because ultimately it’s going to be their personal preferences, narrative and ideas that drive the brand forward. But where Design Firms like us can be helpful, is in making the brand come to life in a visual way by taking your vision and ideas and building a world around them.

Here are some things to consider:

No doubt, the company or product logo with it’s color palette [BRAND] is the most important single item any new startup company needs to address. But sadly it is often set aside until later. The reasoning is, “well…if our business really takes off, then we’ll put the effort in doing something nice”. Then they’ll proceed by creating something in house as an interim solution. This is BIG Mistake!

We can’t stress enough that putting your best foot forward in the beginning is so important. You will be using this artwork for a long time in a variety of ways. So down the road, when you decide to do something “NICE” and professional and begin to use that new artwork, it’s a huge disconnect from all what you have done in the past. It usually sends mixed messages, confuses your clients and fails to leverage all your prior efforts. So…doing it right from the beginning is the best solution! Establishing your Business Identity and [BRAND] professionally from the start—which again, is your logo and company colors— is VERY IMPORTANT.

Perhaps, you’re an established company and your logo or identity needs a face lift. We have a lot of experience in this area too. We are well versed in helping companies make the transition from the look they have spent years to establish and move to a more progressive, up-to-date image, without losing the foundation they have built.

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