Ecommerce Website Design In Johannesburg

Get a beautiful functional ecommerce website

We design for you a beautiful ecommerce website  that fit your needs now and into the future. Our team of strategists, designers, UX experts and developers have a proven track record of creating functional, visually striking eCommerce and corporate websites that bring your brand’s personality to life on a digital platform.

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Custom eCommerce websites Development

There are many businesses that use online platforms to conduct their business and these businesses may need something extra than other traditional eCommerce websites. These websites need different features and functionalities that must suit the products that the client is selling. Codestrat provides extra features to help the clients engage their users effectively.

The developers at Codestrat deliver custom eCommerce solutions to their clients using the latest tools such as Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, Joomla, etc. These tools allow the developer to develop and design the website according to the client’s needs.

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Build An ECommerce Website That Converts Visitors Into Buyers

For an ECommerce store to convert visitors into buyers, there are boxes it has to tick. Visitors will only exchange their credit card details for your products if they feel confident with the shopping experience. Features you should seriously consider for your site include: Security, Simplicity of Design, User-Friendly, Quick Loading, Organised Product Categories, Easy Checkout and Social Sharing Links. Multi-payment options and multi-language support for global presence are also ways to increase the rate of visitor conversion to buyers.


Modern Facilities For A Well-Performing Website

A well performing ECommerce website should have the latest features and updates in real-time. You could consider offering incentives to buyers, such as free shipping or exciting deals and offers. Enhance user experience by presenting product-related news and product categories based on some of your most popular items. For complete and simple navigation, opt for search boxes, a login space, icons for payment systems and even online chat.

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